Floppy the hen gets a fighting chance

During a routine check, we noticed Floppy the hen had a swollen abdomen. This was quickly found to be peritonitis – a condition where egg yolk isn’t laid but instead becomes infected inside the hen.

Sadly, egg peritonitis is very common in laying hens, and is a serious condition which can often be fatal. We wanted to give Floppy the best chance we could, so we got her to the vets right away and soon she was booked in for a life-saving operation.

To the relief of all of us here at Goodheart, and of course her best pal Apache, the operation was a success and Floppy was soon back home recovering well.

Floppy now has an implant which will stop her laying eggs and help prevent this problem in the future, so here’s hoping this little lady can stay healthy and happy for a long time to come.

Floppy was glad to get home to her best friend, Apach