Five ways to give to our animals (without spending money)

We know that the cost of everything is rising right now and as a charity which receives no government funding, we’re feeling the strain too. Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen increases across most areas, including:

  • Animal feed: Pig, sheep, and goat feed has increased by £2 a bag which means our costs have risen by a third in this area.
  • Treatment costs: Vet bills, medication and medical equipment is all increasing
  • Tools and equipment: Hardware has also gone up in price across all areas. Items such as protective clothing, hand tools, and enrichment items are all things which we need as a sanctuary to continue our day-to-day tasks.
  • Utilities – We already monitor our electricity usage and can’t simply cut down. We need electricity in our Pig Barn, Indoor Classroom and main sanctuary building, and need to power operating tools such as our pressure washer, so we’re really feeling the pressure as utility bills rise.
  • Animal rehoming enquiries: We’re receiving more requests than ever before, as costs rise and many owners are not able to afford the cost of keeping their companion animals.

As well as the above increases, we’ve noticed a significant drop in donations as people look to cancel their direct debits and one-off payments in order to save money.

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How you can help

If you’re not able to give a monetary donation, but still want to support our charity, here’s a list of some great ways you can continue to support our work:

Leave us a review

Loved your adoption box? Can’t stop thinking about your guided tour of our sanctuary? Leave us a review! Positive reviews help us get seen by more people which means we spread our message of kindness to animals even further. 

You can leave a review on our Facebook by going to our Facebook page and clicking on the Review tab.

To leave us a review on Google, visit our official page, where you can tell us all about your experience and even upload photos of your tour.

Fundraise for us

Fundraise for us​

Fundraising is a fantastic way to help support our rescued animals without breaking the bank. 

For example, how about setting up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser and asking for donations in lieu of gifts this year? Or maybe you’d like to ask others to sponsor you for taking part in a fitness challenge such as a running or cycling event. We’ve got lots of ideas and tips to help you get started over on our Fundraising page – just click the button below for all the info.

Share our content​

Why not help spread the word about Goodheart while also making someone’s day? Whether that’s by sharing a video of one of our animals on social media or by signing up for our newsletter and forwarding it to a friend you think might like it – shouting about what we do is a great way to help.

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Support us when you do shop​​

Donate your second hand items

We’re on the lookout for a variety of items including:

  • Buckets
  • Troughs
  • Grain shovels
  • Brooms
  • Poo picks
  • Wheelbarrows
If you can help with any of these items, please email info@goodheart.org.uk to let us know!