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Taking his name from the beautiful markings on his coat, Everest certainly has a lot to live up to- which he surpasses with ease!

Hi, I’m Everest. If ever there was a gentle giant, then it’s surely me- I’m one of the very biggest residents at Goodheart, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a huge softie. I love cuddles and attention, and must be one of the only cows in the country lucky enough to have their own brush for grooming sessions!

I haven’t always been this big, though. When my friend Danny and I were calves, we were being reared for beef, but thankfully the farmer’s children took a shine to us and we were spared that grizzly fate. Instead, we came to Goodheart, and now we’ll be safe here forever, how great is that? Danny is still my best friend, even though I sometimes have to keep him in check (what are friends for?). Now we spend our days with the rest of the herd, grazing, playing, and just lapping up attention from any humans around.

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The fact that they will now be safe and live kind, natural lives is just wonderful
The kind family member who hand-reared Everest