What do we have to offer your students?

Check out our indoor classroom facilities

As well as our beautiful 92 acres of woodland and pasture for students to explore, Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary also has a dedicated indoor teaching space, perfect for learning in all weather conditions. 

Watch this video for a quick introduction from Kath, our Education & Outreach Manager. 

Learning outside the classroom

If, like us, you’re passionate about protecting our planet and learning about the natural world, you’ll be interested to hear more about our new and exciting Outdoor Education Project. 

We can’t wait to show you what we have in the pipeline! Keep an eye on our website to see how this project develops. 

Choose the best workshop to suit your students

Goodhearted Learning

You know what makes your students tick. That’s why you have full flexibility when deciding which of our tailored workshops will work best for your class.

Each workshop lasts for approximately 45-60 mins and is suitable for classes of up to 30 children.

At the end of your trip, you will also be given free copies of our digital learning resources to continue the learning experience when you return to school.

Workshops for Key Stages 1 and 2:

  • How do hens know who’s boss? Learning about the social hierarchy of hens (KS1 + 2)
  • Animal inspired arts and crafts with memorable souvenirs to take home (KS 1)

Workshops for Key Stages 2 and 3:

  • Hands-on outdoor wildlife activities  (KS2 + 3)
    These include making seed bombs, making pitfall traps for invertebrates, using pooters and identifying invertebrates, profiling a native tree species, and more. 


  • Animal digestion (KS3)
    A closer look at how the digestion process works and why cow burps contribute to global warming.

Workshops for Key Stage 3 and 4:

  • Our environmental footprint (KS3 + 4)

           How do we as individuals have an impact on the planet’s health? 

  • Food for thought (KS3 + 4)
  • Ethical discussions around the way we view our food and global food security.

Suitable for all ages and abilities:

  • Designing innovative enrichment toys for our animal residents.

Suitable for small group sizes and animal assisted therapy groups:

  • Caring for our horses, includes health checks and grooming.
  • Caring for our hens, includes health checks and accommodation cleaning. 

Pricing and booking

As a charitable organisation, we rely heavily on public donations to continue the vital work that we do. That’s why we’re asking for a small contribution when you visit our sanctuary.

We ask for a donation of £5 per head, with up to two supervising staff members offered free admission.

Contact kath@goodheart.org.uk or call 01584 891143 for more details about field trips to the sanctuary or to find out more about the outreach opportunities we have to offer.

Find out more about our education and outreach work.

We’re passionate about bringing our message to as many people as possible, but we want do do it in a way that benefits our visitors, our residents, and our local community.