‘Deck the Stalls’ Appeal

In the run up to Christmas, we’re inviting you to be a part of our heart-warming mission! Introducing our ‘Deck the Stalls’ appeal, where you can spread joy to our rescued animals and make their Christmas extra special.

As the colder weather sets in, our feathered, furry and four-legged friends need your help to stay warm and well-fed. With the rising costs of animal feed, vet bills, equipment, fuel, and everyday expenses, your support becomes their lifeline. From just £2, you can make a difference – every contribution counts!

Goodheart Animal Sanctuary Winter Appeal

How to get involved

Choose a donation amount from the list below and join us in ‘Decking the Stalls’ with gifts for our animals! By contributing to our campaign, you’ll be covering essential costs and helping us provide the best care possible for our beloved residents.

But it doesn’t end there… On Christmas Eve, our animals will receive a magical visit from the man in red himself, all thanks to your kindness and generosity. We’ll capture these heart-warming moments and share them with you, our amazing supporters, across our social media channels.

Our Wishlist:

  • Brussel sprout stalk £2
  • Bunch of carrots £2
  • Bale of hay or straw £5
  • Bag of apples £5
  • New broom for the yard £12
  • A bag of mixed vegetables £15
  • Hoof clippers £15
  • Mineral lick £20
  • A bag of animal feed £25
  • Fuel for the tractor £35
  • Fill 5 pig arks with straw £50
  • A new wheelbarrow £50
  • or donate any amount £?

Let’s come together and create a Christmas full of love and warmth for our rescued residents. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will make a real difference. 

Click the link below and be a part of our mission to bring joy to every stall and barn!