Volunteering Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Data Detox Days at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary

Need a break? We have just the answer.

· Spend a day away from your desk doing something meaningful for a great cause

· Re-connect with your team members in a stress-free environment

· Get hands-on with our rescued animal residents in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside

The sanctuary is a stunning and idyllic setting to get away from it all

Nestled between the lush hills and woodlands of Worcestershire, The Nickless is home to over 300 rescued agricultural animals. One of the largest farm animal sanctuaries in the UK, our 92-acre site provides forever homes to cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, hens, geese, turkeys and an abundance of native wildlife.

 Our objective is to offer visitors the chance to learn more about and connect with traditionally farmed animals on a deeper level. We are proud to provide our animals with the highest levels of care and respect, requiring an immense amount of dedication from our animal care team and passionate volunteers.

You can join the team in feeding our rescued animals- if they don't just help themselves first!

Our Data Detox Days offer you the chance to un-plug from your usual 9-5 routine. Leave your phones, laptops and tablets at work and prepare to don overalls and wellies all in aid of a brilliant cause!

Working alongside us, you will learn about how we care for all of our animals in a relaxed and leisurely environment.

Hands-on activities with the animals may include:

· Joining the animal care team on a daily feed round

· Designing and building bespoke enrichment to mentally and physically stimulate our animals

· Grooming and caring for our horses

· Mucking out an array of animal housing

Seasonally-dependant activities include:

· Leave your legacy at The Nickless – plant your very own tree to provide shelter and soil anchorage for years to come

· Learn to lay new hedges with local experts to provide shelter and food for local wildlife

· Protect our pig’s skin from the sun by digging new wallows and making mud baths

Plus, redicover your inner child with good old-fashioned fun such as:

· Building a fire and toasting vegan marshmallows

· Wheelbarrow racing

· Tug of war

· Treasure hunt around the site

Help keep our animals' environment in top condition

You’ll be welcomed to the site with unlimited tea and coffee, a tasty plant-based lunch and a selection of vegan cakes. Please note we only accept maximum group sizes of 20 people per day due to health and safety reasons - larger groups may be spread over a number of days.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please do not hesitate to contact Kath@goodheartanimalsanctuaries.com