Welcome back to Week Five of the Goodheart Animal Ambassador Challenge. We’d like to congratulate you on making it this far – we’re halfway to completing every single challenge!

This week’s activity gives you a preview of a day in the life of our animal care team. Watch the videos below to find out how we care for our sheep, horses and other animals. 

When you’ve finished we have a quick quiz for you – simply send your answers to kath@goodheartanimalsanctuaries.com. Don’t forget to include your name!

Checking on our rescued pigs
Grooming our horses
Caring for our chickens
Keeping our sheep tip-top

Now for the quiz!

  1. How often do we health check our pigs?
  2. Can you name 3 specific signs of health that we look for when checking our pigs?
  3. When is the best time to check on our pigs?
  4. Why is it especially important to brush our horses during the Spring?
  5. Which part of the horse’s body requires brushing with a softer brush?
  6. Why do we pick out our horse’s hooves?
  7. How often do we do an in-depth health check on our chickens?
  8. What colour should the chicken’s comb be to show she is healthy?
  9. Why is it important that chickens are able to bend their toes with a nice tight grip?
  10. It’s really important to turn sheep over so that you can get a good look at their feet and underside. Why do we…
    1. trim the sheep’s feet?
    2. check between the sheep’s toes?

We hope you enjoyed finding out about how we care for our animals and can’t wait to see what you’ve learned.

Challenge set: Monday 27th April 2020

Challenge ends: Friday 1st May 2020