Welcome to the final activity of our Animal Ambassador Challenge! We can’t believe it’s been ten whole weeks already, but we still have some fun left!

This week we want to ask you to capture some local urban wildlife by taking a photograph of it on your phone or tablet at home. 

You may not know it, but we are all surrounded by native species of plants, animals and invertebrates. Even if you don’t have a garden, we’re hopeful that you can spot some local familiar faces such as pigeons, foxes or sea gulls right on your doorstep. Have a hunt around the house – you may be lucky enough to spot a house spider. You may also spot smaller and less noticeable creatures such as ants, woodlice or earthworms. And let’s not forget the beautiful plants that are beginning to emerge in Spring and Summer.


If you want to take this challenge one step further, you can spend some time making your garden a more welcoming place for urban wildlife, such as birds. Watch the video below to get some inspiration on how to attract more wildlife to your garden: 

When you’re happy with the photograph that you’ve taken, attach it to an email along with your name and send it to kath@goodheartanimalsanctuaries.com by midday on Friday 5th June. 

Our friend and professional wildlife photographer, WildlifeKate, will judge the entries and the winner will be showcased on our social media.  


Good luck with the final activity in our Animal Ambassador Challenge!


Challenge set: Monday 1st June 

Challenge ends: Midday on Friday 5th June