10 Surprising Facts about Horses


From their intelligence to their social behaviours, horses are amazing animals for lots of different reasons. Read our blog post to learn 10 incredible facts about horses! 1. They can walk shortly after birth  Foals can stand up and walk within a few hours of being born and can run within a day. Foals grow […]

Could Avian Flu lead to the next pandemic?

Avian influenza a deadly pandemic waiting to happen

Avian Flu is not a new disease, but its rapid spread in recent years suggests that it’s now posing more of a threat than ever before. What is Avian Flu? Avian Influenza (commonly known as “Avian Flu” or “Bird Flu”) is an infectious disease which affects the respiratory, digestive and/or nervous system of birds. In […]

Is Goodheart a vegan animal sanctuary?

Our story

Goodheart was established with the principle notion that all animals, whether wild, farmed or pet, are sentient beings. This means they can feel pain as well as pleasure, alongside a whole range of emotions, just like humans. We identify as a vegan animal sanctuary for the following reasons: We believe that one of the most […]

Alternative 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Leather

Alternative 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Leather

Looking for an alternative to the traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gift of leather? Here at Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries, we have a selection of gift ideas for animal lovers and vegans to celebrate a 3rd wedding anniversary in a cruelty-free way. Adopt a cow Let your husband or wife know how much you care by adopting […]

Reg the ram and his great escape

Reg the rescued sheep

Here at Goodheart, we believe that every animal’s rescue story is unique, however, there are some that stand out as very special indeed. One such story is that of Reg the ram, who, this month, celebrates his three year anniversary at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary.  Reg’s story Back in 2018, a lone ram was spotted […]