TB Statement – January 2024

Published: Tuesday 23rd January 2024

We wanted to share with you, our loyal followers, an update regarding our cattle herd.

Like many animal sanctuaries, our cattle are required by law to undergo six-monthly TB tests. We are heartbroken to report, that, following recent results, we have lost four of our cherished herd members – Jerry, Geoffrey, Elvis, and Woody – who tested positive.

Every animal we say goodbye to affects us deeply, and this is no different. Three of the cows arrived at the sanctuary over six years ago as frail calves and were nursed back to health by our dedicated care team. To lose an animal you have hand-reared is extremely upsetting and our only comfort is knowing that all four individuals enjoyed many happy years at our sanctuary and were put to sleep peacefully in their home, rather than being taken away.

With regards to the sanctuary, we have sought extensive consultation from veterinary professionals and continue to follow rigorous cleaning and disinfecting procedures. As many of you will be aware, TB is a UK-wide issue faced by every organisation that houses farmed animals. The government neither administers treatment for TB nor provides vaccinations for farmed animals. Therefore, our current approach involves monitoring the rest of the cattle herd and following all testing protocols.

At present, we remain optimistic that we will be able to welcome visitors in the spring, as planned. We will undergo a second stage of tests in the next couple of months and will be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, we ask you to keep our team in your thoughts during this challenging period and help us uphold our commitment to the wellbeing of our animals.

Together, we can navigate through these difficult times and continue providing compassionate care for our cherished residents.

– Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Update: May 2024

We’re relieved to share that, after completing our final round of TB tests, we’ve received the all-clear and our TB restrictions have been lifted. This brings immense relief to our team and our beloved animals, setting a positive tone as we approach the summer months.
As a precautionary measure, visitors will not be able to get as close to our cows as they usually do during Open Days and visits this year. If we remain free of TB, this precaution will be lifted in the new year.