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Fun, effective, and social-distancing friendly.

  • Bite-sized challenges – For most of us, trekking the Andes or climbing Everest is off the table for now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still undertake a big challenge. Why not walk the distance from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Hollywood sign, but in your local area? Or cycle the distance of the Inca trail? 
  • Sing your heart out – Host a virtual karaoke tournament and ask your friends for a donation to enter. Unlike an in-person singalong, you get to press ‘mute’ if things get out of tune!
  • Handmade with love – Try your hand at making cards, gifts, or anything else your friends and family might like. Send them out to your loved ones and ask for a donation in return.


  • Donate the journey – If you’re working from home, why not donate the money you would have spent commuting? This is a great one to get the whole team involved in!


  • Gaming for good – Whether you’re a fan of Monopoly or prefer a MarioKart marathon with your nearest and dearest, a virtual games night is a fun way to raise money while having fun with your loved ones. Maybe you can even bet on the winner to raise the stakes!
  • Skillshare – Are you an expert in something? Or maybe you have a cool talent others would like to learn? Why not arrange to teach others online and ask them for a donation in return? It’s a great way to hone your skills and help others, and it’s all for a good cause.

  • Get quizzical – Arrange a virtual pub quiz and donate the entry fees. A pub-less quiz can be just as much fun as the real thing and makes for a great evening at home.


  • Shave and stream – Been a while since your last haircut? Got an impressive lockdown beard going? Keep your loved ones laughing by live-streaming yourself doing away with the extra fuzz (bonus points if you leave a quirky moustache or jazzy hairdo).
  • Clear the clutter – If you’ve been doing a little decluttering, why not sell some of the items you no longer need through eBay For Charity? 
  • Films with friends – Pick a film that everyone can watch at the same time, and donate the money you would have spent on tickets and treats! 

More ideas

The opportunities are endless!

  • Get moving – Take part in an organised walk, run, swim, or bike ride – or plan your own! Ask everyone you know to sponsor you.
  • Party planner – Plan a party, invite all the guests, and ask them to donate what they would have paid at a bar or restaurant.
  • Dress it down – Back to the office already? Organise a dress down day and ask your colleagues to donate. We’re sure everyone will be keen to don jeans rather than suits! 
  • Play taxi – Offer to drive your friends and family around and ask them to donate their ‘fare’. Don’t forget: careful drivers get the most tips! 
  • Bake it to make it – Whether you stick to fairy cakes or get ambitious, a bake sale is a great way to raise money. Plus, the internet is full of amazing plant-based recipes so you can show everyone just how delicious cruelty-free food is.
  • Be a good sport – Do you play for a sports team? Why not see if you can arrange for an upcoming match to double as a fundraiser? Maybe your club could donate entry fees or sell refreshments to raise money.

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