Top tips

A quick guide to making sure you stay safe and within the law. 

Personal safety

In order to keep yourself as safe as possible while fundraising, we recommend you:

  • Avoid fundraising alone where possible
  • Stick to safe routes and areas you know
  • Carry money discreetly and be aware of your surroundings


Large events or events in public places

When planning this type of event, it is important to:

  • Contact your local council to let them know about your plans and see if you need any licences or permission 
  • Ensure that there is a first aider on site
  • Make sure you have good fire safety in place
  • If you’re hosting an event at work, make sure your plans comply with the  Health and Safety at Work Act 1974


Raffles, lotteries, and collections

If you’re unsure about running a raffle, collection, or lottery, you can either contact us, speak to your local council, or check out the Institute of Fundraising website.

  • All volunteers collecting money in public must be over 16
  • We can provide you with a letter of authority confirming that you are a volunteer collecting for a registered charity. Simply email
  • Collections on private property require written permission from the venue (i.e. pub owner or shop manager).
  • If you’re collecting in a public place, you will need a licence from your local council. This also applies to door-to-door collections.

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