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From day-old lambs to elderly ewes, we care for lots of lucky sheep.​

Many of our sheep came to us later in life, so they need a little extra TLC to live out their golden years in comfort. Like all of our animals, they have round-the-clock access to a cosy indoor space and regularly see the vet for checkups.

A playful line drawing of a sheep

Join us in helping animals in need

Bob is without a doubt our cheekiest flock member here at Goodheart. When his name is called, he’ll come rushing over to you for a scratch on the head and a handful of treats. Apart from a lot of fuss, what would really make Bob’s day is for someone to adopt him!

If you want to help us care for our rescued animals, you can adopt Bob or one of his friends via the link below.

Get familiar with the flock...

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