Pigs are smart, charismatic, and lots of fun to be around!

Help us care for our rescued pigs

Is there anything more refreshing than some tasty fruit? 

Thanks to a kind local greengrocer, our pigs enjoy regular deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables to complement their diet and provide important nutrients. 

Not only does this help keep our pigs happy and healthy, but it also helps to reduce good waste – brilliant!

Cleo here particularly enjoys tucking into a nice big watermelon (and making a nice big mess in the process!)

Eddy the pig started life on a petting farm, but soon found himself facing slaughter. Thankfully, Eddy was able to come and live here at Goodheart instead! By adopting Eddy, you can help us care for all of our residents and save more animals in desperate need. 

Our Pig Barn and Woodland

We’re working on a groundbreaking new development to give our pigs a better habitat and demonstrate how pigs live in their natural environment.

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