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Capra aegagrus hircus

Meet our gang of cheeky, playful goats!

Our herd of goats has grown quickly over the last couple of years, with new additions coming from all different backgrounds. 

Many were much-loved by their previous owners but found themselves looking for new homes due to changing circumstances.  

Now, all of them will live out their lives here at the sanctuary, and we’re delighted to have them.

Help us care for our goats

A playful line drawing of a goat

Just like we humans and our pets, farmed animals need fun things to keep them happy and occupied. 

The goats love nothing more than lots of fresh brash to nibble on – as you can see, they get very excited! Once they’ve stripped all the leaves, these branches double up as great back-scratchers for them too. 

Adopting an animal is a fantastic way to help us care for all of our residents. Our adoption packs make great gifts for animal lovers of all ages and help to make sure we can continue helping animals in need.

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