From Jersey to Angus, we care for cows of all shapes and sizes. ​

Elvis and his friends are just a few of the lucky cows who get to live out their lives in the safety of the sanctuary. 

Each of our rescued cows has their own personality, and we love getting to know every new arrival. 

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A playful line drawing of a cow

After some time in the barn out of the bad weather, our cows are always very excited to get back outside and enjoy their spacious pastures. 

We love to see our rescued residents enjoying life, especially when we consider the dire fates they once faced. 

Duncan, one of our six ‘Jersey Boys’, was in a sorry state when he first arrived with us. He was just a few days old and had narrowly avoided being raised for veal. Now he’s a strong, playful boy who enjoys playing with his friends and getting lots of attention from visitors. 

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A black cow in front of a green woodland