Gallus domesticus

We can care for up to 20 hens at the moment. But we have big plans to help more!​

Dave and Izzy introduce us to Beatrice and Buckbeak, two of the rescued hens who live here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary. 

The girls both enjoy exploring the yard with their friends in the daytime and sleep in a safe, cosy coop at night. 

All donations help us care for rescued animals

A playful line drawing of a hen

Caring for animals means more than just meeting their physical needs – we also take the time to make sure all of our residents are mentally stimulated, too. 

A great way to keep our hens’ minds engaged is with fun enrichment activities, like a spot of apple bobbing!

Adopt Dorothy the hen!

Adopting one of our residents is a great way to help rescued animals while treating yourself or a loved one to something really special! 

Click below to adopt Dorothy or one of her friends today. 

Our Goodheart Home for Rescued Hens Appeal

This exciting new project will help us rescue hundreds more hens in desperate need of our help.

Find out why hens need our help and how you can support our work...


Learn about the egg industry and how hens are treated. 

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Social structurePigs are social animals, preferring to live in female-led groups. In the wild, young males (boars) will leave this group and join another when it is time to mate.

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