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I'm Teddy the sheep and you can adopt me!

I was found wondering all alone by a group of kind strangers – apparently I had a few cuts and grazes on my face too. When they couldn’t locate my previous owners, I found my way to Goodheart. I love it here – there’s plenty of other sheep to graze with and I enjoy meeting new visitors.

You’ll be able to recognise me by my distinctive deep baa and I’m always first to come and say hello when you call or shake a bucket. I’m one of the older male sheep at the sanctuary and I live in a flock with the other bachelors, including Bob, Fez and Hyde.

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We have two adoption boxes to choose from:


Plus regular email updates from Teddy the sheep throughout the year!

Suitable for 5 to 12 years.


Plus regular email updates from Teddy the sheep throughout the year!

Click the button below to buy a Teddy the Sheep Adoption Box as a gift. We can either deliver it to you to give in person, or directly to your recipient. There’s also the option to add a gift message to the box free of charge.

Meet some of our elderly rescued sheep

Ever wondered how we care for our sheep? We give our sheep visual health checks twice a day, making sure to identify and isolate any individuals which may be under the weather so that we can give them immediate treatment. We also give our flock a thorough health check every 6 weeks, checking their condition and general health.

Bottle feeding our rescued lamb Bob

Bob was found all alone on the roadside with no other sheep to be seen. Since his arrival at Goodheart, he has proved to be a bright an inquisitive soul, keen to make friends with all the residents large or small.

Did you know?

Sheep are particularly brilliant at remembering familiar faces – they can identify their peers and human friends for a number of years.

Sheep are actually able to distinguish between different human emotions by reading our facial expressions.

Sheep are reportedly good problem-solvers, with one flock in Yorkshire said to have figured out how to traverse a cattle grid by rolling over it on their backs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adopt a sheep?​

You can adopt Teddy the rescued sheep via the links above, or by clicking here to go directly through to the order form. Click here to adopt a sheep as a gift.

How much does it cost to adopt a sheep?​

A £30 one-off payment is required to adopt a sheep, and your adoption lasts for 12 months. If you would like to support our animals with a regular payment, please consider a Sponsorship or a Regular Donation.

Can I adopt a lamb?

While we don’t have any lambs available for adoption, you can sponsor Bob on our Sponsorship page. Bob arrived with back in May 2020 us an orphaned lamb. Although he’s grown up, he still has a very fun, playful and friendly nature!