Adopt a Pony

Hello, I'm Harry the pony and you can adopt me!

I’m Harry, one of the rescued ponies here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Before I came here I lived with a group of travellers, but I kept escaping. Finally, my owners didn’t want me back anymore, so I found myself looking for a new home. Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary wasn’t quite open at the time, but they just couldn’t say no to me (who could!). 

Now I live here with my best friend Poppy and I couldn’t be happier. We enjoy lazy days grazing in our big field, and cosy nights in our field shelter. 

Start your pony adoption today

£30.00 each

A personalised pony adoption certificate from our founders

A framed photograph of Harry the pony

A beautiful welsh slate coaster engraved with Harry’s footprint

A recipe card featuring a delicious plant-based dish to create at home​

A Goodheart fridge magnet, pen, and sheet of stickers ​

Plus regular email updates from Harry the pony throughout the year!

Please note, aspects of the box may differ slightly from the above image, for example, the style of pen or photo in the frame but all items listed will be included. We use real straw in our adoption boxes. If you prefer we didn’t in yours, then please get in touch by emailing info@goodheart.org.uk

Click the button below to buy a Harry the Pony Adoption Box as a gift. We can either deliver it to you to give in person, or directly to your recipient. There’s also the option to add a gift message to the box free of charge.

VIDEO: Meet Harry and Morris the ponies

Join our Animal Care Assistants Izzy and Ava in learning more about two of our lovely rescued ponies – Harry and Morris.

Fascinating facts about horses and ponies

Horses can sleep both standing up and lying down. Horses sleep better when kept in a group as some individuals keep watch whilst others sleep. For this reason, some horses struggle to sleep when kept in isolation

Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal. In fact, their eyes are so large that they are unable to move them and instead have to move their heads to see different things.

Horses are very intelligent with a natural aptitude for learning. They can even understand the concept of numbers and are able to tell if an amount is higher or lower, if the total involved is less than four.​

Frequently Asked Questions​

Can I sponsor a pony?

Yes! If you’re looking to sponsor a pony instead, simply head to our Sponsor page now.

How do I adopt a pony?​

You can adopt Harry the rescued pony via the links above, or by clicking here to go directly through to the order form. Click here to adopt a pony as a gift.

Can I adopt a Shetland pony?

We don’t currently have any Shetland ponies available for adoption.

Can I visit Harry the pony at the sanctuary?

Yes! Adopt Harry the pony and you’ll have made a friend for life! Harry is a very friendly and sociable pony and would love to meet you. You can book your visit to Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary by clicking here

How much does it cost to own a pony?

Keeping a pony or horse as a pet can be very expensive and is not something that should be taken lightly. There is a lot involved in taking care of horses and ponies, including proper feed, vet bills, farrier visits, and regular grooming equipment. You also need to have enough time to provide your horse or pony with all the care and attention they need. 

By adopting Harry the pony through us, you can feel good knowing you’ve helped our rescued animals, without the added responsibility that comes with owning a pony or horse as a pet.