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I'm Eddy the pig and you can adopt me!​

I started life on a petting farm, and as you can imagine, I won a lot of hearts! I thought things were going well, but it turned out that once I was no longer considered cute and cuddly, I would end up on someone’s dinner plate. 

Luckily for me, I avoided this fate. Amongst the many folks I’d charmed at the farm were two lovely ladies from Scotland. In the nick of time, they stepped in to rescue me, and before long I was on my way to Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary!

Choose a pig adoption box

We have two adoption boxes to choose from:


Plus regular email updates from Eddy the pig throughout the year!

Suitable for 5 to 12 years.


Plus regular email updates from Eddy the pig throughout the year!

Please note, we use real straw in our adoption boxes. If you prefer we didn’t in yours, then please get in touch by emailing

Click the button below to buy an Eddy the Pig Adoption Box as a gift. We can either deliver it to you to give in person, or directly to your recipient. There’s also the option to add a gift message to the box free of charge.

Take a look at these fun videos of our rescued pigs enjoying life at the sanctuary…

Learn more about our exciting Pig Barn Project!

We’ve been working on a ground-breaking new habitat development project that will provide our pigs with an enriched life here at the sanctuary, and allow visitors to interact with them all year round!

Did you know?​

Pigs have 44 teeth! In males, the front canine teeth form sharp tusks which continuously grow throughout their lifetime.

Pigs are generalist omnivores and are capable of surviving practically anywhere on Earth so long as there is enough water to sustain them.

Pigs play an important role in culture and religion around the world. In Asia, the pig is one of 12 animal images comprising the Chinese zodiac.

Frequently Asked Questions​

How do I adopt a pig?

You can adopt Eddy the rescued pig via the links above, or by clicking here to go directly through to the order form. Click here to adopt a pig as a gift.

How much does it cost to adopt a pig?

A £30 one-off payment is required to adopt a pig, and your adoption lasts for 12 months. If you would like to support our animals with a regular payment, please consider a Sponsorship or a Regular Donation.

Can I adopt a piglet?​

At present, Eddy is the only pig available for adoption, however by adopting him you are helping us to expand our offering and provide a home for many more animals in the future.

How many people can adopt a pig?

There is no limit to the number of people who can adopt one of our animals. This allows as many supporters as possible to connect with and learn about our rescued residents through the adoption boxes and email updates.

Can I adopt a pig as a pet?

Here at Goodheart, we have seen first-hand just how many pigs end up at rescues when owners of pet pigs get out of their depth. Our rescued pigs are the lucky ones, but sadly many pigs bought as pets end up being sold for slaughter as rescue places are very limited and owners don’t always know all of their options. 

By adopting Eddy the pig through us, you can feel good knowing you’ve helped our rescued animals, without the added responsibility that comes with owning a pig as a pet.