Adopt a Goat


I'm Maisie the goat and you can adopt me!

I’m a rather gorgeous goat (if I may say so myself). I live at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary with my best buddies Lucy and Phoebe.

Before I was rescued, I used to assist adults with learning difficulties. They’d help look after me, but I’d get so excited to see them, I’d jump up to say hello. Eventually this became a problem, so my owners contacted Goodheart to see if I could go live with them.

Together with Lucy and Phoebe, I spend my days at the sanctuary browsing the hedgerows for tasty nibbles and having a chat with our rescued sheep friends in the next paddock!

Maisie the goat at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary

Choose a goat adoption box

We have two adoption boxes to choose from:


Plus regular email updates from Maisie the goat throughout the year!

Suitable for 5 to 12 years.


Plus regular email updates from Maisie the goat throughout the year!

Click the button below to buy a Maisie the Goat Adoption Box as a gift. We can either deliver it to you to give in person, or directly to your recipient. There’s also the option to add a gift message to the box free of charge.

Take a look at these fun videos of our goats enjoying life at the sanctuary…

Our herd of rescued goats

Meet our gang of cheeky, playful goats!

Our herd of goats has grown quickly over the last couple of years and includes some real characters – from Pygmy Goat Tom to horned Boer Goats Loki and Thor!

Did you know?

Goats are well known to eat absolutely anything including clothing and cardboard! For this reason, they can be found in different habitats all around the world.​

Both male and female goats have beards and many will have wattles (fleshy pieces of skin dangling from the neck).

Research shows that goats are capable of forming strong, dependent bonds on humans in a similar manner to other companion animals like dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adopt a goat?

You can adopt Maisie the rescued goat via the links above, or by clicking here to go directly through to the order form. Click here to adopt a goat as a gift.

How much does it cost to adopt a goat?

A £30 one-off payment is required to adopt a goat, and your adoption lasts for 12 months. If you would like to support our animals with a regular payment, please consider a Sponsorship or a Regular Donation.

Can I adopt a baby goat?

We do not currently have any baby goats at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary. By adopting Maisie the goat, you’re helping us to expand our sanctuary offering and provide a home for many more animals in the future.

How does adopting a goat for charity help?

When you adopt a goat, you’re helping care for Maisie and all her friends at the sanctuary, as well as contributing to our wider work as a charity. Your generosity helps us with things like maintaining our sanctuary site, planning fundraising events, and funding exciting projects like our Goodheart Home for Rescued Hens!