Do you want to help rescued farm animals live better lives? For only £24 (or £2 per month), you can do just that.

Our residents are all individuals with their own personality and story. And now you can be part of that story. 

Goodheart was founded to give rescued animals the best possible lives. Be it feed, bedding or veterinary care, each and every resident is given all they need to lead safe and happy lives. By adopting a rescued farm animal, you will help us to care for both them and their friends. 

What’s more, you’ll also receive a fabulous adoption pack containing…

  • a coaster engraved with the footprint of your new friend
  • a framed photograph of your chosen animal
  • a personalised adoption certificate signed by David & DJ (founders of Goodheart)
  • regular updates from your new friend, as well as beautiful up-to-date photographs for your frame.

Our adoption packs make fantastic gifts for friends and family of all ages, and are also a great way to treat yourself while doing something worthwhile.


We have nine wonderful animals waiting to be adopted…